Innovative roofing solutions for a greener future

Protan has offered roofing solutions since 1972, and can document long life of our products from many years of experience in the Scandinavian climate and extensive testing in its own and external laboratories.

High quality and long life

Protan has offered roofing solutions since 1972, and can document long life of our products from many years of experience in the Scandinavian climate and extensive testing in its own and external laboratories.

Designed for challenging climates

Our roof coverings and membranes are very flexible and withstand all kinds of extreme weather. They have been developed for the tough Scandinavian climate, so special attention has been paid to material properties at low temperatures. Long-duration tests show that, even after 30 years, Protan's roof coverings and membranes still retain their beneficial properties and will function for many years beyond their expected life.

Complete system build up 

We have developed a complete roofing system where we offer the build of for the roofing solution. In cooperation with Kingspan, Rockwool and SFS, we can ensure a proven roof that will stand the tests. 

Protan's testing laboratory

We develop and test all our solutions and products, as well as inspecting raw materials and production processes, at our laboratory in Drammen, Norway. The Laboratory is approved and audited by Det Norske Veritas which requires us to follow strict routines for testing and documenting raw materials and products.

Long life

Long-duration tests show that Protan's roof coverings and membranes retain their flexibility and should have a long residual life even after 30 years.

Confirmed durability

Together with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, the British Board of Agrément (BBA) has assessed roof life by testing old Protan roofs and provide the following statement in Protan's Agrément Certificate (98/3459) based on the results: "Accelerated weathering tests and performance in service confirm that satisfactory retention of physical properties is achieved. All available evidence suggests that Protan Mechanically Fastened PVC Roofing Membranes should have life in excess of 30 years."


Protan roof coverings are made from self-extinguishing PVC. All joins are performed with hot-air welding machines. This further enhances the roof's fire-proofing, and is especially important when roofs are renovated. The low weight of Protan roofing also ensures minimum storage of raw material energy on the roof.

Click HERE to see our film about hot-air welding.

Click HERE to see our film about peel-testing.

Innovation and technology

Innovation and technology are vital to ensuring world-leading solutions for our customers. We therefore offer unique, proprietary tools to ensure optimum technical and financial solutions for our customers. Click HERE for more information about Protan's unique technical tools ProPlan, ProKalk and our wind load calculator

We are entrusted with protecting valuable assets. Our products, services and technology must therefore be more than good – they must be the best in the world.

Sustainable roofs for the future 

Protan has quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our products hold Environmental Product Declarations. This verifies that Protan roofing:

  • has the lowest possible CO2 footprint;
  • has the lowest energy consumption during production;
  • is made from REACH-approved raw materials;
  • does not leak chemicals to the environment;
  • is free of emissions;
  • leaves minimum waste at the construction site;
  • has the lowest possible weight, reducing the environmental impact during transport.

Products and production are subject to third-party inspection by various accredited test institutes from the countries in which Protan operates, such as Sintef Building and Infrastructure, BBA (British Board of Agreement), SITAC, FM (Factory Mutual) and so on. Protan is an active user of the chemicals substitution obligation and does not use substances that are on SFT's observation list. Protan also holds Swedish BASTA approval. This ensures that Protan roofing is made from environmentally-sound PVC. Protan roofing's total environmental impact throughout its life cycle is charted via third-party approved environmental declarations. Compared to other traditional products, we are proud to tell that Protan roofing has:

  • 30% less impact on the greenhouse effect;
  • 80% less environment impact during transport;
  • 70% less raw material energy stored in the roof.

Our objective is to reduce the total consumption of resources in the value chain, and Protan Roofing also achieves BREEAM points.

Recyclable roofs 

We also cooperate with RoofCollect on the recovery of old roof surfacing - please visit our site to read more on how we are able to

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